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Postural Alignment Therapy 

As a Postural Alignment Specialist certified through the Egoscue Institute, my aim is to help my clients out of physical pain caused by postural issues. Most physical pain is caused by poor postural alignment. You might see the cause of your pain by looking in a full length mirror.


As you look in the mirror, you might notice examples of postural issues, such as a raised shoulder or hip, you might be able to see the backs of your hands in your regular standing position, which indicates protracted shoulders (forward or rounded). You may notice that your knees are pointing in towards each other or they might be almost rounded apart. Are your feet facing forward or are they turning inwards or outwards? Looking from the side, you might notice if your pelvis is tilting beyond the normal range (protruding bottom or no bottom at all!), or your neck is jutting forward.  These types of issues will invariably lead over time to a movement compensation and then eventually to a dysfunction such as a limp, a frozen shoulder, a slouch, a forward/sideward bend or an unusual walking pattern. All eventually lead to PAIN. Here's the good news..... You can fix them all!


Using the Egoscue Method, I design a set of bespoke eCises (assisted by the latest computer and App technology), for each of my client’s needs that will return their body to its natural alignment and function. My clients all learn how to best care for their body by using these gentle eCises. Postural Alignment Therapy re-establishes the function of dormant muscles, lengthens muscles that have become very restricted and restores their balance, so all muscles can then be used to correctly move the entire body without pain.

Question 1

What does an appointment entail?

The first appointment is 2 hours long where we discuss what has brought you to see me. After a

thirty-minute chat, I will ask you to stand by a wall and I will take some photos of you to show you how your body looks when compared with what is called the normal design function of our eight load joints stacking up nicely together. Together we discuss how the things we see affect you and how they might be influencing your pain.  I will sometimes need to place my hands on foot arches, knee caps or hip bones to confirm their positioning.  I will ask you to perform a series of simple functional tests like standing on one leg, sitting, or doing a simple arm circling exercise to see how your joints are functioning.  I will then ask you to walk back and forth to see how your walk is affected by your pain or those disparities that we saw earlier. We then enter in your pain symptoms into the software and begin to establish what eCises will be best to ease your pain and correct your posture. You will leave with a bespoke programme of about a half-hour of correctional eCises to do until your next appointment.  The eCises will be sent to you by email and/or you can download them directly onto a free App ready for use.  The App has instructions as well as videos in case you forget what you have been shown in the consultation. The eCises need your commitment – you are now empowered to take control of your pain so it’s up to you to use your menu.


Question 2

What happens next?

You will go home and follow your menu, given to you at the first appointment and you will be given a follow up 1.5-hour appointment for a few days later or in a week’s time. If your first appointment showed issues that would benefit from Kinesiology, you may be advised to book in for a session to support your efforts. Read More…


Question 3

How many appointments will I need?

Depending on how severe your Postural issue is or how long it has been with you, I would recommend at least six sessions of Postural Alignment. Needless to say, if after three sessions you are getting on well and are out of pain, you can decide when next to follow up with your other appointments.  Once you find you have plateaued on your menu or want a new challenge, you are ready to come back to renew it.


Question 4

What are your appointment times?

Monday – 9.00am, 10.30am

Tuesday – 9.00am, 10.30am, 12.00pm, 2.00pm

Wednesday – 9.00am, 10.30am, 12.00pm, 6.30pm, 8.00pm

Thursday – 9.00am

Friday – 12.00pm, 2.00pm, 6.30pm

Sat/Sun – Acute appointments by request.


Question 5

What does it cost?

A course of six sessions totalling 9.5 hours - €570.00

A course of three sessions totalling 5 hours - €300.00

Additional Maintenance 1.5-hour sessions - €90.00

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