Do You See What I See

Seeing Posture 


Having studied the Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment, I have learned how to look at a person’s posture and how to actually see what disparities might be contributing to a person’s pain. 

Above you will see examples of perfect posture looking from the front and the side positions. Notice how the joints (shoulder, hip, knee and ankle) should line up.

Compare these with the photos below and see if you can see what I see.  

After a while, it becomes easy - in fact it becomes hard not to see it. 

Egoscue Man Blue T-shirt with lines 2019
Egoscue White Clothes Lady Front Lines 2
Egoscue Old Gent Facing Left with Lines

When there are some obvious postural differences, these will usually be accompanied by pain. The pain isn't always where the visual difference is - it's often elsewhere. If we don't have pain, it's usually on the way.

I love to show people how to best help themselves. Many will feel improvements very quickly. some will take a little longer, after all, the posture didn't change overnight either.