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Fitness Classes

Each week I teach fitness classes to several very small groups in my studio for one and a quarter hours. This ensures each person’s fitness objectives are being met in a safe environment, where attention to detail in the execution of exercises is paramount, to avoid any injury, or exacerbate any pre-existing conditions. I am very interested in bilateral exercising to balance the body, as unilateral exercises can leave the body in a position of misalignment so I will always strive to rebalance the body before letting my clients off. Most importantly.... WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!


The classes comprise of a ten-minute warm-up, my HIIT classes have 31 minutes of eight phases of 20 second HIITs to fatigue point, with 10-second rest periods, interspaced with two 30-second Ab bursts.


My Circuit Classes have 24 minutes of five phases of 30 second consecutive exercises, 10-seconds rest periods, interspersed with two 30 second Ab bursts after each circuit. Each HIIT or Circuit class is finished with a Postural Alignment session of fifteen minutes to lower the heart-rate gently and to restore the load joints back into balance before my clients leave.


I have had the same clients for many years and they are all very supportive of each other’s efforts and of mine to bring a new and fresh approach too. The numbers in the classes are so small that many of my classes have become like a weekly social event in their calendar (and mine), as some clients have become firm friends. Most times we are the “ladies who lunge” but sometimes we are the “ladies who lunch”.


Question 1

What are the Class Times?

Monday – 8.15pm Circuit Training

Thursday – 11.00am & 7.00pm HIIT Class

Sat/Sun – Private Group appointments by request.


Question 2


What does it cost?

• Course of 5 - €65.00

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