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Postural Alignment Classes

Here in my exercise studio, I take my clients through an hour-long class of eCises designed to restore the body back to balance and to ease pain.

My clients arrive with the tension of their day stored in their muscles and leave walking straighter, with better movement and deeply relaxed. Here, I combine the wonderful techniques of The Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment with Mindfulness and Functional Breathing, to fully restore the body and mind. Many of my clients are very active tennis players. They have found the classes to really improve their reach, their speed and agility around the courts. Each client receives an email of all eCises covered in my courses, so they have fully explained instructions and accessible video demonstrations at hand. 

My Postural Alignment classes are very suited to those with mild postural issues who wish to improve their ability to move freely in general. Those is severe or specific postural pain should book in for personal bespoke Postural Alignment Consultations. Read More

Question 1

What are the Class Times?

Monday – 12.00pm, 7.00pm

Tuesday – 7.00pm, 8.15pm

Thursday – 8.15pm

Sat/Sun – Private Group appointments by request.


Question 2

What does it cost?

Postural Classes

• Course of 5 - €80.00

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