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I believe most humans respond well to change. We are not robots, we get bored doing the same thing time and time again. It's so healthy to change things and I like to give my clients and anyone that will listen, a small piece of information that may help them on their way to reach their goals. Sometimes, it will be gruelling exercise homework, to the point of fatigue and sometimes it may be the complete opposite.... to get onto the floor, feet up and just let your body and mind settle there awhile.

My client's have very many and diverse needs, for which I need to stay in-tune with the latest diet and nutrition information, changing exercise ideas and how we can look after our mental health. I've found in this GO GO GO world, that it's not all about having to change the physical but often to assist the mindset to change. Sometimes we need to just slow down and become more mindful of what we are doing. Sometimes, its just about becoming aware of things we are grateful for and bringing Gratitude into our daily lives to enhance our overall experience of not being a Robot :-) I love to give tips on how to do this during the relaxation part of my classes and encourage my clients to form the habit of bringing gratitude to our hearts at bedtime.

If a client has a goal to lose weight and they are co-attending a different practitioner to assist with their efforts, I usually try to check in with them to see how they are getting on (on weigh-in day for example). To experience their journey, I'll often join in or try it out for a while. If a client has a goal to do twenty full length press ups by the end of the year, I will choose an exercise that I would like to improve on too, so that I can check in with him/her and experience their parallel. I believe that the interest that I am showing, further supports my clients in their endeavours to bring positive change about in their lives. I want to see how their journey makes me feel, so I can understand how they feel too. It also helps everyone to stay motivated and keep at it when we work at it together. (See Challenge)

Somedays, a class participant might be feeling a little stiff somewhere in their body during a class and is wondering why. From my Kinesiology training, the Neuro Lymphatic or Neurovascular points that relate to that body part spring to my mind and by showing my clients how to stimulate these, help them to change how they're feeling. It's hard to fathom but often, stiffness or soreness can be an emotional reaction triggering these unusual feelings that we can't quite put our finger on. Or sometimes, they need a little nutritional support to help their ligaments and I can help with this also.

So - Change - it's a funny word. It's has many meanings ... It can be to see or do something differently, to improve, to reorder, to tweak... and the list goes on. Whether it is to Make a Big Difference or just to Tweak, it is my goal to help my clients to do just that... change.

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